We breed to promote the breed. This means to us genuine commitment not only to promote the breed in terms of the breed standard , but also in terms of increasing the popularity of these delightful pets, specifically bred as companion dogs. We are constantly striving to improve on our weak points and to strengthen our strong points.

We believe that open and honest communication ensures a trusting relationship between us and new owners. In order to achieve a win-win situation we do not interact with any third party or organisation.

After completion of our puppy questionnaire and screening test, you can expect to be placed on a waiting list. While you are waiting, we will try to keep you updated with information of the next mating and expected arrival date. We breed according to a specific scientifically formulated breeding programme and females are only bred with once a year.

Our Purchase Agreement includes the following clause: The buyer undertakes to microchip and sterilize the puppy not later than at the age of 6 months and provide proof thereof to Romari. Failure to do so will entitle Romari to act in the best interest of the dog. Should the buyer for any reason no longer have the ability or commitment to care for the dog, that the dog be returned to Romari.

Romari has always given assistance to any Romari dog or other Italian Greyhound in need and will continue doing so.

Thank you for your time to provide us with the following information. You can also download the questionaire in PDF format.